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Do you require more lights in your life? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re building or remodelling your home, we offer a wide range of various lights to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something simple and modern, or eye-catching and decorative, we offer some of the best lighting in Perth.

Lighting international Pty Ltd was established in 1980 and quickly grew into a well-recognised market leader in residential lighting in Perth and Western Australia. Since its inception, the business has remained a family-run enterprise and completely WA owned and operated, focusing on delivering quality, cost-effective lighting to West Australians.

Our service is exceptional and our consultants are helpful and eager to assist you with all your lighting requirements. Whether you’re committed to go green and need to replace all your lights with energy efficient ones, want to turn your kitchen light into a feature or if you just need a reading lamp for your bedside table, no job is too big or small for us.

Lighting International enjoys key, strategic international partnerships ensuring high quality, economical, contemporary and consistent products to its customers.

We provide the following types of lighting:

LED downlights

 LED downlights are some of the most popular lights on the market today. They are installed directly into the ceiling so that the light hardly sticks out from its surface. Since LED lights generate very little heat when compared to other lightbulbs, the proximity to the ceiling doesn’t cause a problem.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights usually hang from the ceiling, suspended by a cord and come in a variety of light fittings, allowing you to choose the type that suits your style best. Although pendant lights are lone light fixtures, they can be used together and hung in a line, pattern or on opposite sides of a room.

 Floor and table lamps

Floor and table lamps provide sufficient lighting in rooms where a ceiling light does not provide enough light or where more light is required on a specific area. They are portable lights that can easily be moved from one place to the next and create a visual decoration for any room.

 Fluorescent lights

 Fluorescent lights are quite different from traditional light bulbs and are often used in private businesses and other public buildings and spaces. They produce a cold, blue-white light that can eliminate even the darkest rooms and highlight details. Fluorescent lights are also cost effective since it is energy saving and lasts longer than other lights.

 Wall lights

 Wall lighting is available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit the interior style of your home. They are often on eye level and can influence the mood of a room by dimming or redirecting bright light. We have a great variety of wall lights available in store.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans/fan lights are great for those warm summers. They are especially popular to install in bedrooms and kitchens, providing light while at the same time cooling down the room. Ceiling fanlights can also have dimmer control, making them effective and practical, with multiple uses.

Exterior lights

 Outside lights are a great way to decorate the outside of your home without spending a lot of money. It also creates a way to make your house safer from burglars when you’re not home and for walking outside at night.

Residential lighting 

We provide a wide range of home lighting. Whether you need to install more lights inside your home for practical reasons, use it as functional decorative pieces or place it somewhere specific for reading, we’ll have a light that provides a solution. Don’t leave your family in the dark, get some lighting for your home today.

 Oyster lights

 Oyster lighting gives an ultra-modern look to a room and is inexpensive and easy to install. Installed to the surface of the ceiling, they provide general lighting to a room. The light fitting can determine the brightness of the light by either dimming it or enhancing it. See our wide range of available oyster lights in store to turn your home into an interior masterpiece. We make your home lighting, light work. Contact us for more information.